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Does LongevityTools website work also on smartphone?
Yes, of course! All functionalities work also on a smartphone including interactive lights (grey, red, yellow and green) in My parameters section.

Is using LongevityTools website free of charge?
It's FREE!

If you have any questions, please email us any time:

What is LongevityTools website?
LongevityTools website is a FREE resource for educating about health and longevity. It is a tool to help you live to your potential.

What tools does Longevitytools website offer?
You have to register to gain access to useful tools such as test, dashboard, your risk factors, reminders, your disease risk etc.

How does it work?
First you have to register. Then you complete a test consisting of quite a few questions. Then our expert system calculates and ranks your risk factors. Then it calculates your probabilities for certain diseases. After that you gain access to your dashboard. In your dashboard you can input parameters like: weight, waist, exercise minutes per day, blood pressure, resting pulse, cholesterol levels, screening tests etc. Dashboard can help you monitor your lifestyle habits.

How to use my dashboard?