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With each group you are able to estimate if you are following the suggested advice based on the color of the light signals. Green is good, yellow not so well and red means poorly and calls for necessary improvement. Now you have at hand all the groups of factors as well as tools that will help you follow the suggestions. These tools consist of: checklists, shopping lists, recipes, data tables, where you add information on blood pressure, cholesterol level, glucose level, weight, etc. For example, you have problems with high blood pressure. There are two tools you can use: first, a table where you can daily fill in your blood pressure values; the second tool is a checklist where you can check the followed suggestions for lowering high blood pressure. This way you can easily control your high blood pressure.

With the help of LogevityTools website you can always see what it is that you must pay attention to in order to be healthier. On the other hand, you are encouraged on your way to living a healthier and longer life simply by systematically following the suggestions as well as seeing good results.

Register now, become a member of the Longevity website and make the first step towards a long, healthy and happy life!

The LongevityTools website program and tools are based on scientific studies. Most important are:, Dan Buettner: The Blue Zones, Dr. Terry Grossman and Ray Kurzweil: Transcend, Dr. Terry Grossman and Ray Kurzweil: Fantastic Voyage and Bradley Willcox, Craig Willcox: Okinawa Program.

Other important references:

LongevityTools website can help you monitor your lifestyle. You don’t have to completely eliminate foods you enjoy to have a healthy diet. The long term goal is to feel good, have more energy, and reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. You will become motivated to exercise regularly, and to take food supplements that will have a positive influence on your health and your well-being. It is necessary to take care of your mental health as well, to get regular check-ups at specialists and your personal physician. Longevity website is constantly adding new scientifically proven techniques for a longer and healthier life.

Surely you know someone, a close relative or a friend, who has problems with cardiovascular diseases. Maybe someone you know even suffered a stroke or a heart attack with fatal consequences. With the help of a healthy lifestyle and Longevity website you can avoid these problems to a great extent. Take control of your own destiny!

Due to rapid development of science, innovations occur every day. Some are well grounded others not as well and Longevity website will make sure you are familiar with only the latest and established techniques.

Become a member of Longevity website. It’s easy and fast to register and log in. After registration you will fill out a brief questionnaire that will identify the risk factors that possibly prevent you from living a long and healthy life. Personal data are of course confidential. Later, you enter a dashboard page where you can always see your risk factors. After you click on them, a detailed description appears along with suggestions on prevention. Then you have reminders connected to your risk factors (for example, eat fish at least twice a week). What follows is the main part – groups of factors that you must apply to and together they form the essence of a healthy lifestyle. These factors (categories or parameters) are: weight, exercise, blood pressure, cholesterol, fasting glucose, healthy food, stress, screening tests, things to avoid etc.