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6. Mental health

It is extremely important to give meaning to your life, so that it has some purpose. Putting family first is equally beneficial to individual's mental health. The best defense against mental illness or deterioration of a condition is a settled life with stable relationships and support of your close ones.

You also need to know the techniques for coping with stress and anger. Active relaxation is also needed. The most popular method is meditation.

According to researches, socializing with people that have similar positive values and are also committed to health has an extremely beneficial effect on your health in the long term. With lower mental energy, you need to take action with exercise, social activities, nutrition, food supplements and counseling psychology for more in-depth issues. You should learn relaxation techniques and ways to cope with stress in everyday life. In fact, overcoming major and minor stress situations affects your well-being and mental health the most. Surprisingly, slightly superstitious people or religious people have the most stable mental health.

7. Medical parameters

Regular evaluation of the most important parameters of your health is necessary. For example:

  • Blood pressure;
  • Cholesterol;
  • Triglycerides;
  • Hs-CRP;
  • Ankle Brachial Index;
  • Weight;
  • Hip to waist ratio;
  • etc.

30 % of deaths are related to CVD (cardio vascular diseases). In 50 % of the case, the main cause is high blood pressure. In the western world, the main reason for high blood pressure is too much salt intake - especially hidden salt, in processed foods and when eating in restaurants. Nearly 33 % of deaths due to CVD occur well before the average life expectancy.

If you log in, you will be able to save your information in a handy table from which you can quickly make out trends and possible warning signs.

8. Medical examinations

Each year, it is necessary to do at least basic examinations and screenings; a few tests: lipid profile (cholesterol, triglycerides), glucose, ECG, cardiac stress test, ankle brachial index, cancer markers, blood in stool, etc.

After you turn 50, more detailed tests need to be done. Special attention should be paid to breast cancer (mammogram, breast self-examination) for women and prostate cancer (ultrasound, blood markers) and colon cancer (colonoscopy) for men.

Most deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases. Detection of heart disease at an early age is possible and in most cases curable. CT scanning - a new noninvasive test for the detection of CAD is electron beam computerized tomography (EBCT), or calcium scoring. With this examination it is possible to determine how far advanced arteriosclerosis is and then decide on the treatment.

You can find out more on specific medical examinations if you log in.

9. New techniques

Medicine is rapidly evolving. New techniques on how to extend life and new findings are in sight. Using Longevity website is such a modern tool that will remind you on important new findings.

So, log in now and start using your personalized program you can track and follow through computer, smartphone or tablet and with the help of which you can prolong your life! Health and long life both lie in your hands!


As mentioned before, we alone have the influence on almost 80 % of the factors that cause premature aging. The rest of it depends on our genes. We therefore have a big control over our own health.

The two main foundations of longevity are prevention and early detection of diseases. With a healthy lifestyle, proper weight, appropriate cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure levels, etc., combined with regular testing for early detection of diseases, you will live longer and more fully.

Below is a short description of the program with which you can extend your life. If you want a personalized program, you must log in. Registration and use are free!

The program consists of a few following points:

1. Good personal or family physician

Together with your doctor you can do an evaluation of your health and risk factors. Your doctor knows your medical history, possible chronic diseases, health problems, as well as your parents and siblings. He knows which diseases you are more susceptible to, due to genetics. He can advise you on healthy lifestyle and, if necessary, refer you to a specialist. Take your time choosing a good personal physician and have a strong long-term relationship with him.

2. Quit smoking

If you smoke, you should stop as soon as possible. Smoking is your health's number one enemy. You can do this by yourself with a strong will, with the help of products, together in a support group, etc.

3. Nutrition

Here you must pay attention to the food quantity, quality, number of meals, etc. One of the methods used in Okinawa, where people have one of the longest life expectancies, is a 2500-year-old Confucian mantra - stop eating when stomach is 80 percent full. This can make the difference between gaining and maintaining weight. You need to have several meals, breakfast is important. You must finish before evening, when you should only eat smaller meals. It is necessary to eat more vegetables and fruits. And fish as well. You must increase the intake of fiber on at least 25 grams per day. Every day, you can drink up to two glasses of alcohol, red wine being the best, since it is rich in flavonoids, which are beneficial to our health. Green tea is highly recommended as well, because it also contains a lot of flavonoids.

It is important to eat a low-GI food (glycemic index) rich in antioxidants. It is also necessary to increase fish intake and in this way Omega 3 fats. You should add the legumes as well (soy, beans and peas).

It is necessary to minimize saturated and Trans fats. You should avoid sugar, which some call the white devil, as it does so much damage to our health.

A recipe for a long and healthy life contains especially fruits and vegetables and fewer calories. A more detailed advice and description are available when you log in to the site.

4. Food supplements

You can add various supplements to your diet. The most popular and proven effective are multi-vitamin tablets or drinks that also have very few side effects. Then there are the Omega 3 tablets or oil. Intake of probiotics is also recommended in modern life, since it helps to regulate digestion.

You can fight cholesterol with margarine with added sterols (Becel margarine) and yogurt drinks Danacol (with added plant sterols), or you can ingest sterols in pill form available without prescription. If necessary, you can also add a variety of antioxidants and other substances.

5. Exercise

Aerobic workout is by far most important - every day for about 30 minutes - and may include brisk walking. It is best, however, to integrate it into daily chores - for example, walking to store, work, etc. Equally important is weight training.

Sitting too long every day is bad for your health. It is most harmful for those who spend most of the time at work sitting.