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The Longevity project website offers you advice, reminders and checklists, knowledge, new information and recent findings, new techniques, a community of equal minded people, new screening techniques, localization of information (local medical providers, drugs, exercises, personal trainers, food, nutrition tips, health, government programs etc.), access anywhere through mobile phone. Longevity site is your personal assistant that helps you lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve old age without disabilities.

You will be able to control everything in a visually friendly way through the dashboard (control penal) of your personal computer, mobile phone or tablet.

The LongevityTools website program and tools are based on scientific studies.

If you log in, you will have a personalized program that you can monitor and follow and that will allow you to live a longer, healthier and happier life.

So, you want to live longer, healthier and happier. To achieve this, you will need of course a correct lifestyle, knowledge and information, experts like doctors and specialists (cardiologists, etc.), dietitians, fitness experts, etc. As a basis, you can use Longevity website, a reliable tool and your personal assistant for living a longer life.

On your way to achieving this, you can use Longevity website that will help you with advice on nutrition. What is recommended for you to eat and what is best to be avoided. It reminds you of regular exercise, doctor examinations, offers advice, recent findings, new techniques that even your personal physician is not familiar with, since things in the field of preventive medicine are so rapidly changing.

People are notoriously resistant to suggestions that they change their behavior. It's human nature not to worry about unseen hazards. There is no evidence that doctors do any better than the average patient in this regard. It is hard to lead a healthy lifestyle in the modern world. It is difficult to hold on to it without some sort of a plan or checklist.